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Just Follow that
Yellow Brick Road
by Fredi Schwartz

Here is a user friendly process to learn to trust your own inner wisdom by interacting with your intuition

Too often we are most aware of our intuition when we find our selves ruefully sighing,
“I knew I shouldn’t have done that!”

Fredi shows you how using an ordinary deck of playing cards can increase your awareness, heighten your sensitivity to your intuition, and stengthen your belief in yourself.

Using the cards can help you follow your intuition and stay on the path that leads to fulfillment, and to the best use and expression of your unique self.


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Note: a Mobius Strip is a one-sided surface constructed by rotating one end of a long rectangular strip of paper 180 degrees, and attaching it to its other end. Draw a line along the center of the strip and it goes completely around to meet itself at its own starting place.


The Mobius Strip is a physical demonstration
of the idea It’s all one.

  mobius strip
Yellow Brick Road CARDS
will soon be available with descriptive booklet.


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